In my article, the biggest thing that was emphasized was age appropriate drills. Practicing the right technique is imperative for kids who are just starting out in softball. If a problem arises with their bodies at a young age due to lack of proper form, then it’ll only get worse as they get older. There was a chart in the article that showed how many pitches girls should be throwing at a specific age. I always thought since the windmill style motion was a natural motion, we didn’t need a maximum pitch count. But this article taught me that it’s crucial in young players, once they get older the pitch count increases more and more. There’s a section in the article where it discusses how overuse softball injuries can be prevented, and one of the suggestions was don’t play year-round. I found that most interesting because in cold weather states, it’s impossible to play year-round. During the winter it snows where I live, so if anything during the months November-February we’ll practice inside. In warm weather places like California, Texas, or Florida, softball is played year round simply because the weather allows them too. After thinking about it it made a lot of sense. Overuse is gonna happen to softball players who play long and often, but it’s important to rest your body. Cooler places have no choice but to shut it down, but hotter climates aren’t forced to.

The article discusses the use of radar guns, and how they should only be used once a pitcher reaches 15 years of age. This took me by surprise as well. In softball, a radar gun is a device that is used to measure the speed in which a pitcher throws, units are in miles per hour. It should only be used once the pitcher reaches 15 years old and up because younger pitchers will try to throw harder in order to get the highest MPH possible on the radar gun. But speed isn’t everything, and this is a concept that younger pitchers don’t understand. They just focus on throwing the ball hard rather than correctly. Once they mature and learn that mechanics come first and then learn how to throw different pitches, only then should they be using radar guns.