As much as softball is a physical game, it’s even more mental. There’s a little quote that’s always thrown around in sports and that quote is something along the lines of, “sports is 90% mental, and 10% physical.” As a player I couldn’t agree more. A sound mind is key to a healthy thoughts, and confidence. We need to take care of our minds just as much as we do with our bodies, so mental healthiness is a key factor of softball players. A former softball coach wrote an article pertaining to 6 mental performing tips that softball players can use to help themselves when they’re out on the field. The first tip he wrote was overcome fear of failure, which in my own words can be summed up as, it’s okay to make mistakes! Failure is part of the game, it’s gonna happen no matter what, and you can either learn from it, or be discouraged by it. It’s all about what you learn from your failure. The second tip is to make no excuses and accept responsibility when you fail, and when you succeed. Basically just always be accountable for what you do. A lot of the time players focus on the mistakes they make and let that affect them, meanwhile they’re done so much good but rarely acknowledge it.


The third is accept the fact that you will fail, you will make mistakes, but you will learn from them because failing is part of the game. If you can pick yourself up and move on when you fail, succeeding will be that much more gratifying. The fourth tip is be here, now, meaning play the game pitch by pitch. Don’t focus on the past game, don’t focus on future and what might happen later on, just worry about the play at hand. Take it one by one. The fifth is focus on the process, rather than the outcome. Not only is this tip relatable in sports, but it’s also relatable to life. But, in softball it’s important to make sure you do the little things correctly. Practice makes perfect and if you’re learning to do something different it’s not gonna come out perfect the first time. If you know that you’re working hard succeed at something whether it’s fielding or hitting, in due time it will come. The coaches last tip is develop routines to get you into the zone. Once you develop a process in which the way you work, you will always get that job done. Routines help us find balance, once we get used to doing a specific thing it creates a work ethic, and this ethic will help translate from practice into games. These mental tips are all so valuable for all softball players to be aware of since softball is an extremely mental game.