Although softball players ultimately control what they do and how they move their bodies, coaches are in charge of who plays, and who doesn’t, so they do have an impact. It is a coach’s responsibility to win games, but it’s also their responsibility to keep their players safe. Preparation is key, and it falls on both the players, and coach to make sure that everyone has prepared themselves properly. In the article I read, there are many key points highlighted in which coaches could help prevent injuries in their players. One way a coach can ensure the safety of his or her players is by requiring them to wear a mask on the front of their helmets. In most leagues, wearing a mask on the front of your batting helmet is mandatory. But once you get to the college level, wearing a mask is optional not matter what division, I, II, or III. Coaches have the power to make wearing masks on your batting helmet mandatory. As a matter of fact, my softball coach forces us to wear them and I love it. Hitting without a mask/cage on the front of your helmet is so dangerous , I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t wanna wear one. On TV I’ve seen plays where girls hit the ball right back at their face, or the pitcher accidentally hits them, and it’s not pretty. And it could all be avoided if they just wear a mask on their helmets.
Another point that is brought up is making sure that everyone’s equipment fits them properly. Softball players come in all different shapes and sizes, so what works for one, might not work for another. When it comes to helmets for batting, you want to make sure it’s not too loose around their head, but also not too tight. Getting hit with a ball when your helmet is too tight can cause more damage than good. Also catchers have to make sure that their gear fits correctly. If it’s too big or lose it won’t protect them properly, resulting in more injuries. So it’s important for coaches to know their players, what they’re comfortable in, and what they should be doing in preparation for injuries.